The eXp Onboarding Process

The eXp Onboarding Process

  • Submit Application and Independent Contractors Agreement (

  • Receive confirmation email. Contains Personal Code for Onboarding Tracker Site (Subject: Your eXp Realty Join Request Has Been Received)

  • ICA Signed off on by Our Internal Team

  • Receive email with completed ICA (Subject: Copy of your Independent Contractor Agreement)

  • Broker Confirms the License Transfer

  • The Designated Managing Broker will complete this step by signing off in your file as your license being transferred (Subject: License Transfer Process)

  • Active and Ready to Start

  • Once our team makes you active in the system you will receive a couple of emails

  • Welcome Email (Subject: Welcome to eXp Realty! Your Passport Account)

  • Skyslope Email (Subject: Activate Your eXp Realty SkySlope Account)

Onboarding times for the entire process can take 48 hours or more depending on all parties involvement and accuracy.

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