MIR Smart Campaign - For Home Buyer Leads

MIR Smart Campaign - For Home Buyer Leads


We’ve created a new Smart Campaign option for you to use on your Home Search Leads! With the use of an easy code (token) you can copy this Buyer Lead campaign into your own kvCORE account with a few easy steps. 

There’s no need to mess with campaign settings. Just “clone” and activate! Open the step-by-step walkthrough PDF and video here

The messages in this campaign are meant to be short, engaging and more personal than spam. For example, an initial “double text” to make it seem more “human”. 

About the campaign:

The goals:

  1. Create a response from the consumer using short to-the-point question based messages. When they respond…go for the face-to-face appointment!
  2. Have messages that address qualifying questions such as do they currently rent or own, what’s their financing situation, do they need to sell before buying & why are they moving?
  3. One year of messages.
  4. Consists of emails, texts and a few tasks.
  5. Important: this campaign will not replace the success of you picking up the phone, building rapport and setting in-person appointments.

Step-by-Step to Use

Follow the step by step instructions and/or watch the video walk-thru.  CLICK TO OPEN

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