Setting an Additional Address in kvCORE

Setting an Additional Address in kvCORE

The office address listed in each site's footer may not represent the exact area an agent is located.  This is due to office addresses representing IDX feeds or specific information due to compliance requirements rather than physical locations.  While this is necessary to ensure states (along with agents and brokers) remain in compliance, it can cause frustration for agents and confusion for clients. 


With this setting, agents can add an additional address underneath the office address.  This address will allow agents to show a specific location that reflects their coverage area so clients won't be confused by a conflicting office address.  


This feature may not be allowed in all states/MLSs.  Verify with your DMB before adding an additional address to ensure your site will be in compliance.  

(If it is not allowed in your state this setting may not be visible in your Website Settings area.)




1.  To set a secondary address, first navigate to the Web & IDX area of kvCORE.  This is found on the left-hand side gray bar.  


2.  Once that area loads, you should see your URL listed on the screen and Website Settings in the top right. Click Website Settings.


3.  Scroll down until you find the Additional Address section.  Enter the desired information and click the blue SAVE button. 


4.  Allow some time for the change to reflect on your site.  If corrections need to be made or the address needs to be removed, just repeat the process.



Here's an example of how the address will appear on your site.




 There are some instances where the office address is hidden.  In these instances, the normal method won't work as the additional address will also be hidden.

You can verify this by checking the Custom Footer field in the Web & IDX area.  If the above script is present, this alternate method will need to be followed.  


1.  Double space below the script.


2.  Enter the desired address and phone number if desired in a format similar to the picture above.  


3.  Add line breaks <br> at the end of the first two lines, this will allow the address to format correctly.


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