Avoid Potential Lead "Blockers"

Avoid Potential Lead "Blockers"

Many variables outside Making It Rain's control can contribute to poor lead flow but we are dedicated to assisting in areas that we can and making it right.

If one or two of these factors are unfavorable then campaigns can usually still perform well but if multiple factors are creating “blockers” then it can kill a campaign.

- An inaccurate IDX feed to your website
- Target areas that are too small or don’t see enough search traffic
- Areas that many agents/brokerages/agencies are bidding on (digital competition)
- Your kvCORE “Force Lead Registration” settings
- Chat widgets/pop-ups (can scare visitors away)
- Disclaimer pop ups you might have added (can scare visitors away)
- Poor website color schemes
- Your Web/IDX settings
- Using a poor/out-of-date kvCORE website template

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