Mobile Deposit User Guide - eXp Realty US only

Mobile Deposit User Guide - eXp Realty US only


Download of App

The first thing you will need to do is download the application from the either the Google Play or iTunes store. This installation could ask you to give permission for the app to use different functions on the device such as the camera or storage. You will need to give permission to the application for it to work properly.   The application name is Etran Mobile Payments




You will need credentials before you will be able to login. Your administrator or the FTNI Support team can provide credentials.  

Upon opening the application, the user will see a Credentials screen that allows entry of the Username, Password and Site Abbreviation. Enter the information that has been provided in these fields.  Select the Log in option the application will authenticate the credentials that were entered.

If the credentials do not match what FTNI has on file, an Authorization Failed error message will be received. Verify the credentials and retry.   Be sure you are signing into the correct environment for your credentials.  

You will be asked to create a new Password that is at least 8 characters long with at least two of those numeric.

Tip:  Turn on the Remember Me so the Username and Site Abbreviation will be saved for future access. 



Home Page

Once you are logged in you will see the home page. From the home page you can select either to continue with entering a payment or reviewing history.


Making a Payment


Select Check Image to capture a check payment.   Enter the information requested in each box.  Note fields with a red asterisk (*) are required, then Save.

Confirm the data entered at the bottom of the next screen.  If correct, choose Next.  If changes are needed to any of the fields, choose the “paper/pencil” icon near the top of the screen.




Check Images – Capture

Select the Check Front or Back by tapping Click Here in the box. This will open the camera to take a picture of the check.

Once the camera is open, place the check on a contrasting background. This allows for easier distinction of the check edges. Be sure to place all of the check within the device screen. Then press and hold the camera button.

After taking the picture of the front of the check, a copy will be displayed. If the picture looks good then select the OK option. If you want to retake the picture, select Retry.

Capture both the front and back of the check. If both pictures look OK, you can select Pay Now to begin the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) process. You can also retake either picture by clicking on the image to restart the camera process. You can also Cancel the transaction.

The application will submit the front and back images and perform the OCR process on the check. This will take a few moments to complete.

Once the OCR process is completed, you are given an opportunity to confirm the data that was read on the Confirm IQA Results. At this point, you can modify any of the data, Amount, Account, ABA or Check Number, if they are not correctly captured. You can confirm this data by viewing the physical check. Tap into any of the fields to being using the device’s keyboard to modify the data.

One the information is correct, select the Confirm button and the application will then begin the process of finalizing your item in the FTNI system.  If you would like to stop the creation of this item select Cancel.  

Pay Now Results

Once the item is accepted by FTNI, the Pay Now Results will display.   The reference number shown is the item number that can be searched by in the Payment History or the Etran application that admins will have access to for teams.

The payment receipt can be sent to your email by entering the email address and choosing E-Mail Receipt. (Optional)  Press OK when finished with the payment to return to the Home screen.



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