Where Is My Mentee Checklist?

Where Is My Mentee Checklist?

Mentee Expectation Checklist/Resources

If you have more specific Mentor Program related questions, please email mentorprogram@exprealty.net
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    • Who Is A Mentee And What Are The Requirements?

      The Mentor Program provides newly licensed agents a learning platform where you will gain the fundamental knowledge required to start and build a successful real estate career. Each mentee is paired with a certified eXp Realty mentor who is a member ...
    • My Mentee Is Ready To Graduate - What's Next?

      Mentee Graduation Once a mentee has met all graduation requirements and their required transactions have closed, they will be flagged for graduation review. There is no action required from the mentee/mentor to trigger this review, however, if you ...
    • Need Help Beyond This Knowledge Base?

      Have Additional Questions? Contact the Mentor Program team! General Questions: mentorprogram@exprealty.net Visit Us In World! exp.world/expertcarehub Mentor Lobby Hours: 9 AM-7 PM EST/ 8 AM-6 PM CST/ 6 AM-4 PM PST Mentor Program Manual & Mentor ...
    • Can A Mentee Request A Mentor At the Time Of Joining eXp?

      Yes! Mentees can request mentors in the Join App. Requested mentors have to be Certified Mentors within our Program in order to mentor.
    • Can I Change My Mentor?

      There are various reasons a mentee might have the need to change mentors. If there is a justifiable reason to switch mentors, and the existing mentor is notified and in agreement, you may request a Change of Mentor Form by emailing ...