Lenders and kvCORE - What to know and how to get one added

Lenders and kvCORE - What to know and how to get one added

kvCORE for Mortgage Lender overview

There are several important reason as to why you would want to consider adding your lender to kvCORE:
  1. Lender representation on your kvCORE website.
  2. Teams can set up advanced lead routing rules for their lenders.
  3. Lenders are notified via email of all contacts that are shared with them. This allows you to integrate your lender in your follow up process.
  4. The account is created at no cost and is very similar to your agent kvCORE account with the exception that they do not get a front facing kvcore website.
  5. No additional training required, kvCORE covers this with a Lender Success Plan already loaded into the lender's dashboard when they sign in.

What to check for before requesting to have a lender added in kvCORE

  1. Check with your lender and make sure they are allowed to have their information displayed on an agent's real estate website.
  2. Check with your lender and make sure they are not currently set up in another brokerage's kvCORE
    1. kvCORE will not permit for duplicate accounts using the same email, even if in different brokerage kvCORE accounts.
    2. If your lender is partnered with a different brokerage using kvCORE, they will need to provide you with an alternate email address.
  3. Check your kvCORE account and make sure the lender has not already been added
    1. Check your lender tab in your kvCORE account to see if the lender already exists
      1. Log into app.kvcore.com
      2. Click on your name at the top right for the drop down box
      3. Click on lenders
As a reminder, everything you see in the lender tab is internal only, the lenders there represent requests from many different agents. You can not remove them. It is just a database of all lenders added to the same office that your kvCORE account is connected to.

There may be instances where the lender does exist but has outdated information, the lender just needs to sign in using the email address currently associated to their lender account and last known password so they can update their own lender profile. If they are unable to sign in they can reach out to support@insiderealestate.com for assistance with account logins.


How to request a Lender be added to kvCORE

Lenders are added by Company Admins. Company Admin access is relegated to very few eXp Realty Staff to maintain the integrity of our system and the confidentiality of your leads information.

To ensure we maintain a proper workflow we ask that agents please complete the following form to make this request.

Account creation and expectations

Once you complete the form the information is sent to a ticket queue.
The ticket is worked on in the order it is received however typical turn time is 2 business days.
The team that monitors that queue will review the information and then proceeds with one of the following:
  1. If the lender account exists and is attached to the same office as the requesting agent the request is closed and nothing is completed.
  2. If the lender account exists but is not already attached to the same office as the requesting agent then the lender account is added to the additional office(s)
  3. If the lender account does not exist then the lender account is created and they will receive their own "Welcome to kvCORE" email with their logins.
  4. If the lender account does not exist but the account can not be created due to the lender email already in use, then you will receive an email asking you to please connect with your lender for a different email address and to please resubmit the form with the updated information.

At this time you will not be apart of that communication chain unless there is an issue. You can check your lender tab within 2 business days to see if they have been added.

Assigning Leads to your Lender and additional information

The following article goes over the different ways you can share your leads with a lender

Understanding your Finance.php page and displaying a lender (or not)

Agents with a kvCORE Team Addon

If you are an admin of a kvCORE Team addon you can also have a lender assigned to your team in kvCORE.
  1. You must have an active kvCORE team addon.
  2. The Lender must already exist in our eXp kvCORE (if not please complete the lender request above before asking kvCORE to add the lender to you Team).
You can chat in with kvCORE Support directly from your kvCORE account and request that the existing lender be added to your kvCORE team addon.
You must have administrative access to the kvCORE team to make this request.

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