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Team & Lead Routing Options w KVCore


When it comes to routing leads to other agents you have two options.

1) Get the KVCore Team Add-On
2) Share/Transfer leads with other agents.

The team add-on allows you to control a team within one KVCore account and automatically have leads routed to agents on the team.

Sharing or Transferring leads is a manual process but it’s the free option. You can share a particular lead with another agent so the other agent can view the lead in their own KVCore platform.

Here is more information about both options.

1. TEAM PLATFORM (add-on)

Article About Team Add-on:

Configuring Lead Routing

Add the Team Platform in your KVCore Marketplace


Video : Share or Transfer Leads

Quick Info

Select the gray box next to the lead(s) you want to share > click More Actions (towards the middle of the page) > click either

1.Transfer Contact(s) - this will give the contact to anther agent and will delete contact from your CRM, you will no longer have access to that lead or

2. click Share Contact (s) - this has 2 options, Option 1- View Only - that agent can just look at leads, can't edit or change anything Option 2- View/Edit- that agent will be able to edit/change the contact info. Whatever that agent updates in the lead's info, it will also update that info on your end as well

Here is another great video on building & managing a team
VIDEO ::: Build Your Team w KVCore

Happy Home Selling!

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