MIR Dashboard - Link Your Facebook Business Page

MIR Dashboard - Link Your Facebook Business Page

In order to run Facebook ads from the MIR Dashboard you’ll need to link your Facebook Business Page. It’s super easy to do and once you link your Facebook to run one Facebook lead product it will remain linked. Making it easy for you to sign up for any other future campaign. 

Video Tutorial : “MIR Dashboard - Link Your Facebook Business Page” Click to Watch!

Do you not have a Facebook Business Page? 

Here is a helpful tutorial booklet on how to create one! 

Tutorial : Create Your Agent FB Business Page (ExpressOffers)

Step-by-Step: Link Your Facebook Business Page

  1. Log into your MIR Dashboard (http://mirdashboard.exprealty.com/)

  2. Click “Facebook Pages”, located on left column of the dashboard. 

  3. “Your Facebook Pages” will open. On the top right, click the blue “Link A Facebook Page” button.  

  4. On the page that opens, click the blue “Continue With Facebook” button. 

  5. It will prompt you to allow access to your Facebook and may require you to log into your Facebook account. 

  6. Next, it will open all the business pages you have associated with your Facebook account. Select the page you’d like to add to the MIR Dashboard. 

  7. Confirmation:

    1. If connected properly, you will see green check marks and “Congratulations! Facebook connectivity with your page is all setup and working properly.”

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