Website Customization

Log into kvCORE.
On the left hand of the screen click on Web & IDX

Website Overview  

Your kvCORE website consists of different sections, understanding the layout will help when making choices for website customization

Website Manager 
this is the main page the Web & IDX loads too. At the top left, the website URL is listed. It also shows the Agent's name, email, and picture. This information is pulled from the My Profile in kvCORE.
If the agent has a templated website they will use the top right View box to toggle between their different sites.

1. This area shows the name of the agent, team or office site that you are working on. It also contains the Edit Settings button that will have it's own Trello Card. Please refer to that if you are looking for more in depth information.

2. This area shows the website. This will show the agent what their URL is for their kvCORE site. Currently, there is no token, we do not have documentation on this. This might be a future build option but nothing is available at this time.

3. This are shows the info that is pulled from the kvCORE profile. This is what is displayed on the website. There are some options that can be toggled off in the Edit Settings, like the profile picture, but by default these are on and what will show on the site.

4. This area is where the agent can see their template (it is always recommended the agent leave the template on the default Hero. This is the one built for kvCORE and what is customizable with HTML and can be altered using the edit settings area. Foundation can not be altered). This also contains the Go To Site Editor. If you click on that it opens the agent's site and now you will see the editor where HTML can be added to create custom search widgets or other widgets.

eXp Tech Support and kvCORE support does not customize sites for agents. Links can be provided but agents are responsible for learning how to do this or paying someone to do it for them. There is a paid service in the kvCORE marketplace and plenty of tutorials and helpful agents on Workplace if other resources are needed.

5. This area is a short cut to the Site Contect Tab which is located at that the top. These are high traffic areas for agents to alter and that is why they are placed there as well.

6. This area is the short cut to the blog posts. It takes you to the same area as the tab at the top.

7. This area is the short cut to the embeds section. Takes you to the same area as the Embeds.

Edit Settings

The Edit Settings button loads into the Website Settings page. 

1. This lists all of the sections available. They are clickable and will auto scroll the right hand screen down to the appropriate section.

2. Background Images - These were the pre-loaded pictures available for the headers are located. Also any images uploaded in the "upload your own image section" below.

3. Upload your own image - This is where the agent can upload their own background for the header. The recommended size is listed 1600 x 650
 1) a max of 15 images total can be displayed. Upon hitting the limit the "upload your own image" section goes away. Pictures must deleted before new ones can be uploaded.
2) If multiple images are chosen it will cycle through them when you leave and come back to the main page. It is random with no priority.
3) It is the agent's responsibility to own the rights to display any image on their site including video.
4) it is the agent's responsibility to edit their photo so it displays correctly. eXp and kvCORE do not have licenses to photo editing software for their tech teams to complete this task.


4. Hide Resources Page - This will remove the Resources page from the header.
5. Hide Millions Mapped - This removes Millions Mapped info from the entire site.

6. Hide Office Infomation - This removes the office address only from the footer.

7. Hide Print Flyer Button - This removes the Print Flyer Button from listings

8. Mandate Phone - This requires a phone number upon lead registration.

9. Website Title - This changes what is displayed in the colored bar between the header and the mid section and also the top of the tab in the browser.

10. Homepage Meta Description - This is what will appear when sharing your site on Google or Facebook (if left blank it pulls from the parent site)

11. Use Office Number on Website Instead of Smartnumber - If there is no phone number in the agent profile selected to display on website then this option can be used to toggle between the smart number or the office number (some offices display their Ring Central number instead of the smart number). You can read about what a smart number is by following this link kvCORE Smart Number FAQ

12. Ask Unit - this is for seller valuations. It adds a Unit # to that address field. This is very helpful for people that deal strictly with condos.

13. Recruit Text - This is the text that is added in the recruit.php page. It is recommended that it not be altered.

14. Custom Header - This is the section agents can add google site verification codes, facebook retargeting and pinterest verification code. It is good to note any text entered here does show up at the top of the header.

15 - Custom Body - Full code snippet to insert in body section of website. An example would be the Google Tage Manager Code.

16. Custom Footer - Full code snippet to insert in footer section of website. Example: Google Remarketing code, IABS and TREC. Any text (not code) entered here will show up below the office name and number in the footer of the site.

17. Conversion Code - Full Code Snippet used to track lead sign ups on your site. Codes typically come from Facebook or Google. There will be text auto filled in there that specifically says "DO NOT REMOVE". It is recommended that the agent does not remove it.

18. Custom Chat Widget - Full code snippet to use for chat widget. This will replace the default Facebook chat widget. The full code snippet will be provided by the company that owns the chat.

19. Facebook Username for Chat - This is the username for your Facebook if you want the chat option linked to that.

20. Additional Address - This displays an additional address on the website. Agents always need to consult with their DMB before adding.


This area is to import Zillow Reviews and to set if the reviews will shared between templated websites.

1. Connect Zillow Reviews - The agent can enter in the email they use for their Zillow Reviews account or their screen name.

2. Inherit Child Testimonials - This is to share testimonials between sites. The agent will need to have a templated website to use this feature.


This area is to choose what template and what color they would like on their site

1. Template - Website template - By default this is on Hero. This is the kvCORE standard and customizable template. Foundation is the old kunversion template and can not be altered.

2. Template Themes - This allows a color to be chosen. This will display on listings and across the site.

3. Background Video YouTube ID - the agent can choose to have a video play in the header instead of a static picture. The agent will need to host the video on youtube. It is recommended to keep the video to 30 secs and keep it on a loop. This will assist with load time. The agent is responsible for having permissions to use any photos or videos on their site. The agent will not put in their entire URL, only the last numberical digits from the youtube URL for the video they want to play in the header.

Agents must own and host any videos they want to add in the header using this feature. eXp and kvCORE does not offer any type of hosting for agents.

Template - extra options

This area is labeled by kvCORE from 10-1 (there is no #9) and primarly are settings for the header.

10. Hide Chat Widget - this will hide all chat widgets and overwrites any chats added.

8. Use Full Width Custom Area - This extends the existing chat widgets from having a border on the side to full width of the screen.

7. Use Black Color for Header - this alters the colors in the Header. Good to use if the picture for the header is light in color.

6. Use Primary Color for Header - this enables a primary color instead of black or white.

5. Hide Office Name on Homepage - This removes the office name out of the header. It does *not* remove it from the footer or anywhere else on the site.

4. Use Square Agent Cover Image - Changes the picture frame from circular to a square in the header.

3. Hide Agent Image on Homepage - Removes the agent's profile picture from the homepage.

2. Use Dark Background Image - Adjusts the background image to dark colored.

1. Use Large Background Image - Increases the size of the background image in the header.

Customer Navigation

This area is used to adjust the text to the navigation at the top of the header for the customer pages (prebuilt and agent made)

1. Search Label - here you can alter the text for the Search at the top right of the header. Example: change to "Find homes in your area"

2. Sell Label - alter the text for the sell.php (seller valuation page) at the top right of the header on the site.

3. Finance Lable - alter the text for the finance.php (lenders page) at the top of the header on the website.

4. Resource Label - alter the text for the resource page to something different

5. Agents Label - alter the text for the Agents listed at the top fo the header on the website

6.We're Hiring Label - Alter the text for this

7. Hiring Link - by default it is set to recruit.php. The agent can replace that with their careers page URL

8. Select Custom Pages for Navigation - if the agent has specific custom pages they would like to show at the top of the header this is how they can select that priority.

9. Select Categories for Navigation - If the agent has set a specfic Category they would like to show up at the top of the header instead of a specific page this is what they would use to make that adjustment.

10. Hide Resources Tab - Used to disable and enable the resources tab

11. Hide Finance Tab - Used to disable and enable the resources tab

12. Hide We're Hiring Link - this is used to hide the recruit link if the agent choose not to display the recruit.php or their careers page on their site.

Listing Carousels

This area is where the agent can choose what category they would like to display in the listing carousel section of the site. They can also be disabled here too.


This area is for agents to enter in their own Google Analytics ID if they have one.


This area is where agents can alter some of the IDX Feed on their site.

1. Type Served - depending on the IDX Feed from the MLS these should list the types of listings available to choose from. Unchecking these not only affects the search widget but the types of listings on the site.

If listings no longer show on the site check this setting and if the "use parent" button is in the box on the right hand side then click on that and then reload the website. Sometimes this setting will stick if set to custom and requires a reset.

2. Coverage Only - If the agent wants to drill down their site to only display specific counties then they can submit those county names to kvCORE and toggle this to yes. Once kvCORE applies the filter it will restrict the entire site to those specific counties only. If toggled back to no it will undo the filter. Once the filter is set it can be toggled to yes or no at will.

3. Don't Scrub Areas - this, when toggled to yes, helps remove invalid info that might come from the MLS like misspellings.

4. Default Sort - when you use the search widget in the header or any search fucntion you can choose how the listings are organized. There are several options to choose from but the default is money from lowest dollar to highest dollar.

5. Default Display - this is how the listings are displayed when searched. (grid vs list vs map) default is grid

6. Popular options - this adds more pre-filled out fields in the advanced search options instead of having to use keywords. Example: Adding Basement to those advanced search options.

Website Editor 

There is more website customization that can be done with some HTML coding on the front of the website. To open that editor you will click on the Web & IDX inside of kvCore and then click on Go to Site Editor.

This opens the web page with the editor available for the body of the website that can be changed with HTML coding.

It is important to note that the names can be changed in the default boxes by just clicking on them and typing what you want. 


If you wish to change the code there is the code view option. Make sure to click on the save icon to save any changes. This is to the right of the code view icon, looks like a 3.5 mm disk.


Site Content

Site Content - This is the 2nd tab at the top and contains the Testimonials, SEO and Custom Pages.

1. This area is where the agent can toggle between Testimonials, SEO and Custom Pages

2. Agents have 2 options only. They can use the Connect Zillow Reviews or Add Testimonials. The Zillow Reviews option will sync their kvCORE will Zillow and import any testimonials to their kvCORE website. The Add Testimonials is manual and the agent will need to copy/paste the information. There is a paid option in the kvCORE market place as well called Testimony Tree. The agent will need to purchase the service from Testimony Tree and is responsible for the setup, connection and billing. We do not troubleshoot this.

4. This is where the cities will show up and the info can be altered by that agent. They can add keywords, they can change the name in the display text and also add info to the page.

 If this area is blank on the agent level it defaults to exactly what the Office site shows (everything in the MLS). They can not leave it blank, they have to add something or it pulls from the office. This is pretty much how all settings in Web&IDX work. If left at No or blank it pulls from something like the Office.

5. This box is for the agent to manually add each city they would like instead of importing the whole list and then removing. This is really good if an agent only covers 1 or 2 cities vs many that may import in a larger office that might include several IDX Feeds (example ca.exprealty.com)

This area is for agents to add custom pages to their site. Only 2 will show up automatically on the agent's site at the top right in the header. The others show up under the resources tab. The agent can make custom widgets on their page for each custom page if they would like as it gets it's own URL

Custom pages are not pre-built on up to the agent to create. We do not do this for the agents.Agent customization is up to the agent. The New Page button is how they will add them.

2. Title - This is important and how it will display on the website for leads

3. Content - This is the area agents can either enter in text, links or use the source code to embed with HTML There are several tools for this area for customization.

4. URL - If the agent would prefer this custom page to link to an outside URL they can enter it in and bypass adding anything to the content. Some agents use this to link to their Lenders sites directly.

5. Category - The agent can separate these custom pages by catagory. None are preloaded so they must create them using the second box. Once they have a page for each category then they can go in and add the existing category from the drop down to any new pages created.

6. Slug - A slug is the part of a URL which identifies a particular page on a website in an easy to read form. In other words, it's the nice part of the URL, which explains the page's content

7.If the agent has a templated website and would like this custom page to show up on their secondary site then they must toggle this to yes. If they do not then they need to set it to no.

the RSS Property Feed box does not work with Simplifying the  Market. There is a kb article linked above that they must follow. That must be added using a specific source code into the content area.


Blogs are added manually, currently there are no settings to import these and no integration at kvCORE level.

1. Add Post - this is how the agent can add their blog. It opens up a screen similar to the custom page. It has a Title (must be unique) content and then a date and time to publish.

2. Mass Delete - This can not be undone if pressed.


Embeds are a section kvCORE created for agents to have QR Codes, search widgets, website widgets, and Seller Valuation to use on external sites.

1. Website QR Code -  Agents can create QR Codes to direct agents to their site. It generates a unique code per website (good to note if the agent has a templated website).

2. Listing QR Code - this is to generate a QR Code for a specific listing. It requires the MLS ID number. This must be on an active listing that can be found on the agent's site.

There is no save button on this page, the agent must right click the image of the QR Code and save or open in a new tab and then save. They can then post the saved image online where images can be uploaded or added with a code.

Website Embed Widget - there are 2 sizes. One is full size and the other small

this does not add the IDX Feed to a different site. This redirects a lead from the agent's secondary site to their kvCORE website. If an agent has a Word Press site they can check out the Word Press widget located in the kvCORE Marketplace, there is a cost and they will need to inquire to the support for more details on how it works.

4. Website Embed Widget - there is only 1 iframe size available for this

This has been known to not show up on mobile versions (on a small screen phone) of external sites. It does not auto scale very well as the size parameters are set. The agent can speak with kvCORE to see if they can custom build one but it will be completely up to kvCORE.

5. Seller Valuation Widget - This is the only available that is prebuilt. As with the others, this does direct the lead back to the agent's kvCORE site.


These are the prebuilt and added at the company level only. They link to the different prebuilt pages like the finance.php (lender page) and seller.php (valuation). When an agent adds this all it does is create a link in the area under the header to direct the lead to the different pages.

eXp and kvCORE does not add or create specific custom widgets for agents. The ones in this section are generic. It is the agent's responsibility to use the Site Editor to create custom widgets.



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