kvCORE Smart Number Frequently Asked Questions

kvCORE Smart Number Frequently Asked Questions


It's important to note that individuals aren't set up with their own Smart Numbers. Smart Numbers are assigned to a large group of Agents in a particular region. If you would like to purchase an individual Smart Number, you can do that from the Marketplace in your kvCORE Dashboard.


What is the Smart Number?


The Smart Number is a VOIP phone number that is connected to everyone's kvCORE database. 


Why is it called "Smart"?


We call it "Smart" because it knows everything that is connected to your kvCORE account and the other kvCORE accounts in your Office.  


It knows: 

  • Your cell phone number, and the cellphones of the other users in your office/account. 

  • Your contacts' phone numbers. 

  • Your office numbers. 

  • Which contacts/leads belong to whom. 

Unlike a traditional phone number, it DOES NOT just automatically routes calls to you. For Agents who aren't a part of a paid Team kvCORE account or who haven't purchased their own Smart Number, the Smart Number routes calls and leads to every Agent in your office depending on the circumstances. 


Ultimately, kvCORE uses the Smart Number for their dialer program, as well as to send and receive texts to/from leads/contacts. 


Is the Smart Number only assigned to my account?

No, unless you have purchased your own individual Smart Number OR you are a a part of a Team Account, the Smart Number that is associated with your kvCORE is also associated with every Agent connected to the same Office in kvCORE. It is critical you read the rest of this document so that you know the best ways to use your kvCORE Smart Number.

Again, it's important to note that individuals aren't set up with their own Smart Numbers. Smart Numbers are assigned to a large group of Agents in a particular region. If you would like to purchase an individual Smart Number, you can do that from the Marketplace in your kvCORE Dashboard.


Where do my contacts see this Smart Number?

  1. If you are calling your contact with the dialer, it is basically a three-way call, and the Smart Number displays to your contact when you are calling them.
  2. If your contact visits your kvCORE website, they may see the Smart Number on it.
  3. If you are using custom text codes in the future, your leads will be sending texts to the Smart Number.
  4. If your smart campaign has text messages in it, those texts are sent to the lead from the Smart Number.
  5. If you text your leads/contacts via kvCORE, those texts are sent to them from the Smart Number.

What happens if someone calls the Smart Number?

  1. If the person calling in is NOT in kvCORE as a contact/lead then the call is forwarded according to the Office settings of the Smart Number, controlled by exp Realty.
  2. Currently, the Office settings are set to "Round Robin" all new leads/calls to any Agent in your area.
  3. If the person calling in IS a contact/lead in kvCORE, the call is immediately routed to the User that owns that contact.
  4. This is important. This means that any of the leads in your system (if they call the Smart Number), are immediately directed to you.
  5. If you test this phone number out from a number that's not in the system, you might end up speaking to anyone in the Office.
  6. Phone calls from unknown numbers are the only thing that gets 'routed' according to the settings of the Smart Number.

How does the Smart Number work with Lead Routing?

  1. The Smart Number can only deliver leads or calls. It cannot decide who gets what lead.
  2. Lead Routing determines who a lead should go to, then the lead is delivered with the Smart Number.
  3. When a new lead is generated in some way, through a lead funnel or from the website, the registration goes straight to lead routing.
  4. An unknown phone call is not a newly generated lead, it is simply a call from a phone number that kvCORE does not know yet.

Don't want the Smart Number to appear on your website? You can change it by following the steps in this article. 


Should I put the Smart Number on my marketing (signs, flyers, business cards, etc)?

Unless you have purchased an individual Smart Number from Inside Real Estate, it is not recommended that you actively market consumers to call that Smart Number.


Ex: If you put that number on a real estate flyer and a potential new client calls it, if the system doesn't recognize that number as a lead in your system (which it wouldn't unless they were already someone in your database), that lead would get round robin-ed (randomly assigned) to an Agent in your market. Therefor, the chances of you reaping the rewards of that marketing are slim. 


If you want to be able to encourage potential new leads to call that Smart Number, we recommend purchasing a Smart Number through Inside Real Estate that is attached only to your account and not the Office. We call these Individual Smart Numbers. 



If I shouldn't market the Smart Number, why is it needed?

As of right now, most wireless carriers don't allow software programs or tech companies to send text messages or make phone calls from an active cell phone number. For that reason, kvCORE needs a phone number thats connected to it's system so it can do things like send text messages and offer custom text codes for lead generation. 


Can I remove the Smart Number from my kvCORE website?


If you don't want the Smart Number displayed on your public website, that is totally fine. Simply follow the steps in this Knowledge Base article to do that: Changing The Number Displayed On Your kvCORE Website


It is important to remember that even if you change the number displayed on the front end of your site, any text messages you send from the kvCORE system will still be from that number.

 How do I purchase an Individual Smart Number?


If you want to purchase an individual Smart Number, you can do that by navigating to the "Marketplace" in your kvCORE Dashboard. 


1. Once in kvCORE, click "Marketplace" on the left-hand side. 


2. Select "Smart Number Add-On"


How much do additional Smart Numbers cost? 

Smart Numbers are sold and set up by Inside Real Estate. They charge $27/month for Individual Smart Numbers. 



I am on a team and an office. I have more than one Smart Number! Which one is used? 

If you navigate to your lead engine > call capture settings, you'll see your smart number being used.
When you use kvCORE, the most specific Smart Number is used to communicate with your contacts.
The hierarchy is Office > Team > Agent. So, if you have an Office and a Team number, the TEAM number is used. (A Team is more specific than an office.)

Why am I getting text messages from this Smart Number?

You will get text messages from the Smart Number
  1. If you get a new lead, and Lead Routing is set to notify you of your new lead (don't forget to open the link! Shown in the graphic below.)
  2. If a lead sends you a text, it is forwarded to your from the Smart Number. You will see the message but should reply via kvCORE so the lead gets the reply from the same number they texted.
  3. In the graphic below you can see that the Smart Number is telling you their name, number, and the message they sent.
  4. If you create a custom text code, and the text leads sends it to your Smart Number, you will be forwarded the information as if you one of your leads texted you (shown below in the graphic.)

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