KVCore : How Do I Learn How To Better Utilize my KVCore Site To Convert My Leads?

KVCore : How Do I Learn How To Better Utilize my KVCore Site To Convert My Leads?

Hey eXper’s!

KVCore (Inside Real Estate) has a GREAT “Support Portal” with tips, tricks, best practice, etc to help you convert leads with more ease and success.

Here are helpful links to some of their best articles and tutorials.

Make sure your leads/contacts are set up with proper home “search alerts”: https://help.insiderealestate.com/en/articles/3332619-kvcore-search-alerts-overview

Using “Smart Campaigns” (email/text campaigns) https://help.insiderealestate.com/en/articles/3330227-kvcore-a-complete-guide-to-smart-campaigns

Keep Great Notes! : https://help.insiderealestate.com/en/articles/3332624-kvcore-video-how-to-add-a-note-to-your-contact

Daily Phone Call Remindershttps://help.insiderealestate.com/en/articles/3332611-kvcore-how-to-create-task-reminders

Utilize “hashtags” to stay organizedhttps://help.insiderealestate.com/en/articles/5482662-kvcore-hashtag-management

Send your leads/contacts CMAshttps://help.insiderealestate.com/en/articles/3322753-kvcore-cma-builder-overview

Happy Home Selling!

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