Is there marketing collateral available for the Express Offers program?

Is there marketing collateral available for the Express Offers program?

YES! After you finish the Certification course and are an Express Offers Certified Agent, you will receive a direct link to all of the Express Offers specific marketing material in the Handouts section of the Certification course, which you can find in Mindflash

While you are in the eXp Marketing Center, make sure you edit your profile, if you haven't already. Click here for instructions
You will not see the marketing materials until you have finished the certification training and been given a link to access everything in the Certification course. Please bookmark this link.

We are continuously making more marketing material available in the eXp Marketing Center. If you have feedback or ideas on marketing materials, please send them to

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      NO. Access to our proprietary Express Offers platform is reserved for our certified agent owners. Express Offers attraction materials are available in the eXp Marketing Center under Preferred Partners > Express Offers.
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      Your state must be open to participate. Check the national map in the Pinned Post to verify which states are open. You must be a Certified Express Offers Agent, to be eligible to receive leads. Make sure that you log into the platform at least once ...
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