I received an email saying I got an offer!! Now what?

I received an email saying I got an offer!! Now what?

If your property submission procures an offer from one of our iBuyers, you will get an email notification sent to your exprealty.com email address (which may be forwarded to the email address that you put in Enterprise).

Log into the Express Offers platform and click the Offers tab - you will find and should review the Offer Details screen.

At the bottom of that screen, click RECEIVE LOI AND PRESENT OFFER - this will create three PDF documents that will be emailed to you:
  1. LOI (Letter of Intent) - it’s a non-contingent, no strings attached cash offer. Present to the Seller or Listing Agent to get a verbal commitment. 
  2. POF (Proof of Funds) - to prove the iBuyer has the money to purchase the property. Present to the Seller or Listing Agent. 
  3. Agent Guidelines - after you’ve received a verbal commitment from the Seller or Listing Agent and you’re ready to draft the contract, carefully read and follow the Agent Guidelines. It should give you everything needed to successfully draft the contract. Use the iBuyer background summary in the Agent Guidelines for information about the iBuyer to help you educate the Seller or Listing Agent.
If the seller or listing agent gives you a verbal agreement after presenting the LOI, you will need to log back into Express Offers and click the Accept button at the bottom of your Offers tab. This will notify the iBuyer to be on the lookout for drafted purchase agreements for signature.

Once the purchase agreement is drafted, email offer to purchase and all pertinent state forms to the email address shown in the offer requirements on the Express Offers platform in the Offer Requirements screen. The iBuyer will email a signed offer back to you for presentation to your Seller or Listing Agent.

Once you have the fully executed documents, send the executed contract back to the iBuyer and proceed as you would with any other standard transaction. Please remember to upload your documents to SkySlope.

Don't forget to come back into the Express Offers platform to update the status:

Note: There is a specific Express Offers listing checklist for each state in SkySlope.

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