I'm taking an ExpressOffers course and I'm stuck!

I'm taking an ExpressOffers course and I'm stuck!

There are a few things that you need to check or change:
  1. Use Google Chrome.
  2. Clear your cache in your web browser.
  3. Clear your cookies in your web browser.
If that doesn't work, try rebooting your computer after those steps and you should be on your way! If all else fails, please go visit our amazing technical support personnel in the Tech Outpost in eXp World or send an email to support@exprealty.net.

To get back into training, use your eXp Passport login credentials and go here:

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      We use Mindflash, a third party vendor, to host our on demand training. To get back into the ExpressOffers training, use your eXp Passport login credentials and go here: https://exprealty.mindflash.com/ You can review or retake any of the modules ...
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      JOIN the Workplace group ExpressOffers Community for program updates and information to help you determine how you can integrate ExpressOffers into your business. READ the Pinned Post for details on how to sign up for the ExpressOffers on demand ...
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      YES! After you finish the Certification course and are an ExpressOffers Certified Agent, you will receive a direct link to all of the ExpressOffers specific marketing material in the Handouts section of the Certification course, which you can find in ...