How to Utilize the Knowledge Base

How to Utilize the Knowledge Base

How to Utilize the Knowledge Base

This guide will help you navigate the eXp Knowledge Base

Upon visiting the eXp Knowledge Base this is the first page you will see:

There are different initial categories to select from on this screen

For more information on Making it Rain click here

After selecting a Category a list of our Articles will appear on the following screen:

The bold headings will let you see the subject of the Article. The text below are the articles themselves. Clicking on the name of the article will open it. 

You may search the Knowledge Base as well.

In the search box you can type in key words that describe your problem.

As you type keywords articles with the proper tags will start to populate.

For this example I searched "Sound Settings":

After pressing Enter you will be taken to a screen with a larger list of articles.

If you do not see an article that addresses your issue try to use different keywords 

If you continue to have issues or cannot find an article that addressing the issue you are experiencing please submit a ticket. 

Clicking the Grey "Submit a Ticket" button at the bottom will bring you to a form:

Please be sure to select the appropriate department and provide us with as many details as possible about your issue.

If you are unsure who you need to contact please send the ticket to the Support Team.

For more information on how to contact Support, including office hours, please click here.