How do I introduce an investor to the ExpressOffers Platform?

How do I introduce an investor to the ExpressOffers Platform?

We have available investors in all 50 States.  Our goal is to continue to bring investors on to our platform to ensure our agents receive responses and offers on their submissions.

As certified agents looking to introduce investors to the ExpressOffers platform, your expertise and understanding of the system are vital. ExpressOffers serves as a dynamic lead source for investors eager to engage with the real estate market. Your role extends beyond the initial introduction; you are the crucial link that maintains a consistent connection, facilitating communication and ensuring that the investors are well-supported throughout their journey on the platform. Your ongoing involvement is key to a smooth onboarding process and the continued success of the investors you bring aboard.

Here is the process to introduce potential Investors into the ExpressOffers platform.

The Investor must meet the following criteria:

  1. The investor must have been active for the last 3 years and have purchased at least 12 properties in the last calendar year. Our goal is to work with many investor types on our platform from large institutions to smaller mom and pop operators.

  2. The investor must be able to  provide a POF (Proof of Funds) with every contract being presented to the seller. The POF must contain the date, the Bank name, the investor Company name, and the CASH balance available.  

  3. No assignments of contracts. Investors must provide a list of all purchasing entities wholly owned by their entity they plan to purchase on our platform. The Articles of Incorporation needs to match the POF, needs to match the buying entity on the contract, needs to match the buying entity on the Settlement Statement. 

  4. While they can have an internal brokerage (licensees) to buy or sell their own properties, they cannot have or be a part of a brokerage that actively engages outside consumers to list and buy properties other than their own portfolio (i.e. they cannot be a competing brokerage). 

We work with entities in their entirety not individual acquisitions agents representing an entity. Only entity officers can sign our agreement.

Assuming that your Investor meets the above qualifications, you (the eXp Referring Agent) MUST:

  1. Be a Certified ExpressOffers Agent as well as actively using the platform to submit properties.

  2. BEFORE starting this process, ask the Investor if they have submitted an application in the last 30 Days. We don't want to waste your time.

  3. Be able to vouch for the quality of the investor. In other words, have you worked with them in the past or have some other form of familiarity or experience with the investor?

  4. Be able to introduce and explain the program and its benefits to the investor without exaggerating or overselling the concept.  The essence of this program is that we are a LEAD source for the investors.

  5. Verify that the investor(s) do not have their own or a part of brokerage(s) that actively engages outside consumers to list and buy properties other than their own portfolio (i.e. they cannot be a competing brokerage). You will be asked to provide us with their website to save time.

  6. Be prepared to encourage investors to provide feedback, actively relay it within the ExpressOffers community, and participate in ongoing platform dialogue.

  7. Understand investor strategies to identify and communicate fitting opportunities, enhancing the potential for successful deals.

  8. Be prepared to work with the Expressoffers team to contribute to the agent community through educational initiatives, webinars, and sharing best practices, fostering a culture of knowledge and growth.

The integrity of the ExpressOffers platform is maintained through rigorous adherence to these guidelines. We entrust our agents to introduce investors who not only meet our criteria but are also aligned with our mission to offer a vibrant and active marketplace.

IF your investor meets these pre-qualifications, you are ready to begin the introduction/onboarding process with your Investor referral and the ExpressOffers Team.

Create a Workplace Chat Terrance Clark (Click Here) to let us know about your Investor referral and to begin the introduction and onboarding process.

Share with us the Company name of your referral so we can double check that they have not submitted an application in the last 30 days. 

Once verified, you will fill out our Agent- Investor Inquiry form. This will trigger correspondence to you and your investor contact with additional instructions.

What's in it for YOU?  Currently the iBuyer Platform Fee is $2,400 per closed transaction, of which, YOU (the referring agent) will receive 1/3 or $800 every time the iBuyer purchases a property.  This referral fee is paid like Rev Share and will not have any company fees deducted.  As the referring agent, you will be asked to sign an ICA addendum so you can receive the referral fee and asked to provide a signed W9 as well as complete a direct deposit document form if you'd like your referral fee directed deposited to your bank account.  Otherwise, it will be sent with a paper check via US Postal Mail.

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