How to Hide Office Name in kvCORE

How to Hide Office Name in kvCORE

An agent may want to hide the office name on the header section of their website.  This can be accomplished in the Web & IDX area of kvCORE.  This process only removes the office name from the site header. It may still appear in some areas.



This feature may not be allowed in all states/MLSs. 

Verify with your DMB before removing any office information to ensure your site will be in compliance.

(If it is not allowed in your state this setting may not be visible in your Website Settings area.)



1.  To hide the office name, first navigate to the Web & IDX area of kvCORE.  This is found on the left-hand side gray bar.  


2.  Once that area loads, in the top right click Website Settings - Manage my website's settings.


3.  Scroll down until you find the Hide Office Name On Homepage under the General section.  Toggle it on.


4.  Allow some time for the change to reflect on your site.  If the Office name needs to be restored, repeat the process and toggle it off.



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