How to get Technical Support

How to get Technical Support

eXp Technical Support

Hours of Operation:   Mon-Fri 8 AM - 7 PM Central

  1. Email -

  2. Tech Outpost - eXp World 

    1. Voice to voice assistance

  3. eXp Articles (24/7) - eXp kvCORE support Articles

kvCORE Technical Support

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 8 AM - 5 PM Pacific

  1. Email -

  2. Chat  

    1. Log into, bottom right (blue circle)

  3. kvCORE Articles (24/7) - kvCORE Support Articles 

  4. kvCORE Billing -

    1. Cancel or ask questions about purchases made through the kvCORE MarketPlace

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      What we can Support: Enterprise kvCORE Passport Twilio Workplace eXp.World Sound/Mic issues within eXp.World eXp Email forwarding (Update the forwarding email) What we cannot Support: Printers Removal of Viruses Operating System Issues Cell Phone ...
    • When can I get kvCORE?

      Before you can opt into kvCORE you must do or be the following    You must be an active eXp Realty agent.   You can sign into with your eXp email and permanent passport password  You are an active member of an MLS or ...
    • How to Access your eXp Global Email from an iOS Device (International Agents Only)

      To setup your eXp email for use with iOS devices please follow the steps provided below. 1. On your iOS device enter your settings by tapping on the Settings icon. 2. From here you'll scrool down and select the Mail. 3. From Mail settings you'll need ...
    • Warning From Gmail With Email From kvCORE

      There are a few types of warnings you might see from Google when using kvCORE. First and foremost, you are going to want to sync your kvCORE account to your email so that the consumers don't see any potential warnings. For information on how to sync ...
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      Email headers contain tracking information for an individual email, detailing the path a message took as it went through various mail servers. The headers contain time-stamps, IP addresses and sender/recipient information. Providing this information ...