How to find your Crash Dump Folder/Player.Log file

How to find your Crash Dump Folder/Player.Log file

Windows Users:

Step 1 - Select the start menu button in the bottom left and type run, select run option from the menu.
* A run box should appear where you will type %appdata%, then hit enter
*Select the AppData folder in the directory at the top.
*Open the folder LocalLow
*Scroll down until you see the Folder Virbela, LLC, open that folder. Within it should be an eXp World folder.
*Open that folder and the log file should be there named player_log.

Mac (OSX) Users:

Player.log files are stored in: ~/Library/Logs/Unity

Right click on the finder and select Go to Folder, then type in: ~/Library/Logs/Unity

Please send us the Player.log file

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