How to find your Crash Dump Folder/Player.Log file

How to find your Crash Dump Folder/Player.Log file

Windows Users:


  1. Select the start menu button in the bottom left and type run, select run option from the menu.
  2. A run box should appear where you will type %appdata%, then hit enter
  3. Select the AppData folder in the directory at the top.
  4. Open the folder LocalLow
  5. Scroll down until you see the Folder Virbela LLC (the one WITHOUT the comma) , open that folder. Within it should be an eXp World folder.
  6. Open that folder and the log file should be there named player.log. There are other files in there named Player that also have a time stamp added to the file name. Those are old. When World closes, the most recent log is just named “player.log”. When World boots, it creates a new player.log, and the previous one gets renamed player-prev.log.  The old player-prev.log gets renamed to the version with its timestamp.


Mac (OSX) Users:

Player.log files are stored in: ~/Library/Logs/Virbela LLC/eXp

Right click on the finder and select Go to Folder, then type in: ~/Library/Logs/Virbela LLC/eXp World

That should take you straight to this folder: 

If you're having trouble with thsoe quick instructions, here's a complete detailed walkthrough, without the skip of entering all of "~/Library/Logs/Virbela LLC/eXp World" into the Go To Folder section: 

1: Open the Finder, the bottom-left icon on most Macs:

2: That will give you an option in the top menu called "Go". Click "Go", then "Go to Folder..."

3: In the window that appears, type "~/Library" (without the quotation marks)

4: That will open up the Library folder. In there, double-click "Logs", then in that folder "Virbela LLC", then in that folder "eXp World" . Please send the file in the eXp World folder called "Player.log".