How to Contact Agent Onboarding and Agent Support

How to Contact Agent Onboarding and Agent Support

Contact Onboarding and Agent Support via phone and email

Open 7 days a week from 5am - 8pm PST / 8am to 5pm EST. 

Call or text your questions to (833) 303-0610

Email your questions to:

Contact Onboarding and Agent Support in the eXp World. 

To access the Onboarding and Agent Support team, use the “GO TO” menu and select “Onboarding and Agent Support” then select “Onboarding and Agent Support Lobby/HUB”

There is a ticket machine on the right of the front desk. Use your mouse to click on the ticket machine to be added to the ticket queue to speak with an eXpert Care Concierge. 

You can also walk with your Avatar to THE HUB to the left of the front desk. THE HUB is full of all sorts of helpful information. If at any time you need more assistance, do not hesitate to ask at the front desk or to grab a ticket for a one on one meeting with an eXpert Care Concierge. 

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