How to Access your eXp Global Email from an iOS Device (International Agents Only)

How to Access your eXp Global Email from an iOS Device (International Agents Only)

To setup your eXp email for use with iOS devices please follow the steps provided below.

1. On your iOS device enter your settings by tapping on the Settings icon. 

2. From here you'll scrool down and select the Mail.

3. From Mail settings you'll need to find and select Accounts.

4. Once in the Accounts selection screen you'll see an option to Add Account.

5. From the Add Account screen select Other.

6. Once you've chosen other you'll be taken to the next part of the Add Account process. From here choose Add Mail Account.

7. The New Account screen should appear. For Name you'll want to enter your name as you'd like it to appear to any recipients of your emails when sent from your iOS device for this account. Next in the Email field you'll enter your full eXp email address as depicted in the image below. Your password will be the same used to log into the eXp email web interface at Lastly for the Description you'll want to enter what you'd like the email account to named in your mail application. This will help to identify it easily among any other email accounts you may set up. 

If you are unsure of the correct password for your eXp email account it's often best to attempt manually logging in on the website at to ensure you are using the correct password for the setup. If you can login on the website then the password used there will be the correct one you'll use for the app. If you determine you need help with recovering your eXp email account password please reach out to eXp Technical Support anytime at for further assistance.

8. On the following screen at the top you'll see the option to choose the email protocol used. Here you'll want to choose IMAP as shown below. Right below that the fields for Name, Email and Description should already be filled in.

9. A little further down you'll see sections for the Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server.
Both of these sections will need to be filled out completely, including the areas that state they are optional otherwise you will not have full functionality to send and receive emails from your iOS device.
As shown below, for the Host Name in both sections you'll enter Where the Username is requested you'll enter your complete eXp email address. Lastly enter your password for you email account. Again this is required for both the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server sections. YOU MUST FILL IN ALL FIELDS FOR THE SETUP TO WORK PROPERLY. Once you've entered the required information in all fields select Next.

10. On the following screen you'll want the toggles to appear as shown. Notes are not supported for the eXp email account so you can toggle that option off. Select Save.

11. You'll be brought back to the Accounts screen automatically after iOS has properly completed the setup and connected to your eXp email account. Now you should see that the Description you choose to enter for the email account during the setup shows in the list of accounts on your phone. 

12. Go to your home screen and select the Mail app icon for you iOS device. 

13. Once in the Mail app you'll see the inboxes for all accounts you have set up on your device. Select your eXp email account.

14. Once in the Inbox you'll be able to view and send email from your eXp email account.

Congratulations! You've successfully setup your eXp email for use on your iOS device. 

If you issues with getting email setup on your Android device after following the above steps you can reach out to eXp Technical Support for assistance anytime between Sunday 6pm ET - Friday 8pm ET at