How does Express Offers vet our iBuyers?

How does Express Offers vet our iBuyers?

This is the vetting process to bring an iBuyer into our Express Offers platform:
  1. An iBuyer is expected to give us Proof of Funds (POF) in the highest amount of their Buy Box every two months. For example, if their Buy Box shows $100,000 to $500,000, then they have to have a POF in the amount of $500,000+.
  2. All iBuyers had to purchase 50+ houses per year in cash the year before joining the platform. However, as we've moved on to more rural states and areas, we require around 25 houses per year in cash.
  3. Each iBuyer is referred by an eXp Certified Express Offers agent that can vouch for the integrity of the Buying Entity.
  4. iBuyers must provide page 1 of their Buying Entity’s Articles of Incorporation.
  5. All iBuyers talk to the Express Offers Team to discuss their investment strategy and financial situation, the team verifies everything and makes sure they are a good fit for the platform. Then, we continue to work with our iBuyers on their goals and strategies.
  6. Our iBuyers sign Master Service Agreements (MSAs) with our eXp Legal department. This agreement spells out the terms between the signing parties and binds the iBuyer to our platform and agents.

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