How do I update my eXp Marketing Center profile to customize my Express Offers materials?

How do I update my eXp Marketing Center profile to customize my Express Offers materials?

Follow these steps to update your profile to make it easy to customize all future marketing materials:
  1. You need to log into the eXp Marketing Center.
  2. In the top right corner, click the down arrow after your name and photo, then click Edit Profile.
  3. Customize the fields so that all of your future marketing pieces will have your information inserted automatically.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE when you're finished.
Click the down arrow next to your photo to get the menu.

Edit the fields and upload your photo. Click Update when you are finished.

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      YES! After you finish the Certification course and are an Express Offers Certified Agent, you will receive a direct link to all of the Express Offers specific marketing material in the Handouts section of the Certification course, which you can find ...
    • How can I upload a customized logo to the Marketing Center?

      The answer is that you cannot do this.  All materials on this site have been pre-approved for use by eXp.  If you have questions or need approval about any consumer-facing material, contact Why? Because there are guidelines ...
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      Your state must be open to participate. Check the national map in the Pinned Post to verify which states are open. You must be a Certified Express Offers Agent, to be eligible to receive leads. Make sure that you log into the platform at least once ...
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