How do I restart a module, retake a quiz or get back to where I left off in the ExpressOffers training?

How do I restart a module, retake a quiz or get back to where I left off in the ExpressOffers training?

We use Mindflash, a third party vendor, to host our on demand training. To get back into the ExpressOffers training, use your eXp Passport login credentials and go here:

You can review or retake any of the modules that you have completed by going to your dashboard.
Click the three horizontal lines on the bottom left of the Mindflash screen to get the menu in the screenshot below. Then, click the little gray house to get to your dashboard.

If you don't pass a quiz, you can retake that module, no need to retake the entire course.
You can select any of the modules that have a checkmark in front of them. Highlight it and it will allow you to select it and then it gives you the option to REVIEW MODULE or RETAKE:
This is the Mindflash dashboard, where you can Review or Retake a module. 

If you are looking for the training handouts to read or download them, you can find them inside of each module:

Yellow = modules menu; Blue = retake (if you didn't pass a quiz); Red = Handouts in that module

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