How Does The Mentor Program Work For Teams?

How Does The Mentor Program Work For Teams?

Standard and Mega ICON Teams

(Most) eXp agents on a Standard or Mega ICON team are exempt from the Mentor Program. If you are on a Standard or Mega ICON team and were added into the Mentor Program, communicate with the Onboarding Team ( to complete the required team documentation. State exceptions are listed below.

Once the team documents are uploaded into Enterprise and the Program is notified, the Mentor Program team will remove you from the Program. Please send an email to if you need assistance.

If you have already been paired with a mentor and you want to leave that mentor in order to join a team, you must contact the Teams department to begin the process. The mentee will pay the full 20% fee on transactions that are under contract/pending. 


 State Exceptions:

ME / NY/ NC - In these states, team leads must be Certified Mentors for mentees to be waived from the Program.


Self-Organized Teams

If a mentee is on a Self-Organized team and the team lead is a Certified Mentor, the mentee can be waived IF the mentor/ team lead requests a waiver by emailing and requesting that the mentee be removed from the Program. 


Domestic Teams

Primary agents of domestic teams are required to participate in the Mentor Program if the agent is newly licensed or completed less than three residential transactions in the past 12 months. Secondary agents are waived from the Mentor Program. If the secondary agent is added to the Program in error please contact

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