eXp World compatible with Chromebook?

eXp World compatible with Chromebook?

the eXp World available on download.exprealty.com is not compatible with Chromebook

Only PCs that run a full version of Windows or Mac OS can download and install eXp World.

There is a mobile app that is available for any device that has access to the app store (Apple) or Google Play (Android)

This is not the full eXp World but a intercom app that allows you to join specific rooms and listen to the meeting and/or trainings.

You will not be able to see any material being presented or the chats.

Click  HERE for the eXp World mobile app guide.

It is important to note, you must have signed into eXp World and created your avatar before you can use the mobile app. It will not allow you to sign in if you have not.

You must also have an active eXp passport or eXp guest pass when logging in.