eXp Marketing Center

eXp Marketing Center

Looking for a postcard to mail to your client database? How about an eXp-branded flyer for agent attraction? The eXp Marketing Center is your one-stop shop for all your marketing and advertisement needs! 

You can launch the Marketing Center by clicking the tile in your Okta dashboard, or by visiting expmarketingcenter.com. You’ll find new eXp attraction flyers, great marketing materials and more!

For additional assistance, please contact moremarketing@exprealty.net

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    • How can I upload a customized logo to the Marketing Center?

      The answer is that you cannot do this. All materials on this site have been pre-approved for use by eXp. If you have questions or need approval about any consumer-facing material, please contact moremarketing@exprealty.net. Why? Because there are ...
    • Using the Okta Chrome extension to log into eXp enterprise, Workplace, and the Marketing Center

      1.Enter https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/okta-browser-plugin/glnpjglilkicbckjpbgcfkogebgllemb?hl=en-US in the URL field 2.You should be redirected to the Chrome Web Store and just need to click Add to Chrome 3. Find the "Add Okta Browser ...
    • Agent Attraction Pledge

      Part of what makes eXp Realty unique is that our agents can receive revenue share from the people they sponsor into the company. Sustainability is one of the fundamental and core values of eXp Realty and it is the collective intent of the agents and ...
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      eXp Passport is a single sign-on service used by eXp Realty to enable a single, global login to many services and applications provided. With your eXp Passport account, you can conveniently access many of the applications you normally use, through a ...
    • How Agent's eXp Passport connects to the eXp Marketing Center

      When an agent logs into their Okta dashboard, they simply need to click the tile labeled eXp Marketing Center. This will launch the platform and log the agent into the Marketing Center.