Compliance Guide

Compliance Guide

Some states may require that you as an agent add some information to your kvCORE account so it is compliant.


We want to make sure you have everything you need to stay compliant with Texas Real Estate Commission laws.
If you have any questions about TREC laws with regard to the Consumer Protection Notice or Information About Brokerage Service form, we encourage you to read this site thoroughly:

For additional tips on posting your Consumer Protection Notice and Information About Brokerage Service form, we recommend reviewing this page as well:

The eXp Texas State Broker team provides a prefilled IABS form with the Broker's information. You will need to download and complete the IABS form with your agent information: 

Obtain a copy of the editable IABS from our eXp State Broker Team

Texas agents need to work with the eXp Staff broker team to obtain a copy of the IABS form where they can input their own information
Complete the editable PDF with your information.
It should have your brokers information already added.
Download the updated form

Log into your kvCORE account

On the left hand side of the screen Look for Web&IDX

Hover over the Web & IDX tab. Then select 'Website Settings' from the menu that pops up just to the right.

Scroll down the list of website settings until you see the 'Compliance' section.
Click on Upload IABS
Drag and drop or click on browse files to locate your PDF

eXp has added Primary Broker's IABS to display by default. You will see a Green Check next to the IABS in your website settings. However that is not fully compliant once you gain control of your kvCORE account (have logins). You must replace the brokers by uploading your own completed PDF of the IABS

Only agents connected to a kvCORE office that houses a feed from a Texas MLS will see this area


California requires that all of it's agents display their CADRE# prominently on their sites
There are a few ways you can easily accomplish this and keep your site in compliance

Add your CADRE# to your kvCORE profile

Dont forget to add your License# to you kvCORE agent profile as well as your signature in your profile
1. Log into your kvCORE account
2. Click on the email address at the top right and then click on "My Profile"
3. Click on Edit
4. Enter your CADRE # in the License # field. This will be located below the social media link boxes.
5. Add your CADRE# to the Signature Field along with any addtional information (like name, photo and contact info) as well.
6. Click Save at the top

New Agents who opt into kvCORE will have their CA DRE# added automatically. This will populate the License number in the footer of your site as well as be used in other areas anytime the license field merge tab is included or the license field is pulled for automation.

Add your CADRE# to your Name in your profile

1. Log into your kvCORE account
2. Click on the email address at the top right and then click on "My Profile"
3. Click on Edit
4. You can make the first name field your first and last name with the space and then the last name field your DRE# or you can just add "CA DRE#XXXXXX" to the end of your last name.

This option is personal preference and really is the most transparent with display when it comes to your primary site landing page (home page) and then any listing details pages. The display of your CA DRE# is all about full transparency and consumer protection. The more transparent you are the less likely you are to get hit with a compliance violation with the DRE.

Add your CADRE# to the Tagline

The tagline on your site is the colored bar just below the Header picture on your site.

1. Log into your kvCORE account
2. Click on Web & IDX from the left hand side
3. Click on Website Settings
4. Scroll Down to the section labeled Agents
5. Add your CADRE# to the box labeled "Website Custom Tagline"
6. Click Save

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