Can I Change My Mentor?

Can I Change My Mentor?

There are various reasons a mentee might have the need to change mentors. If there is a justifiable reason to switch mentors, and the existing mentor is notified and in agreement, you may request a Change of Mentor Form by emailing Please state the reasons for the change and include the new mentor name on the form. The Mentor Program can also provide names of mentors for the mentee to call and pick from. Forms without new mentor selections will not be processed. Once a mentor has been selected, the Mentor Program will complete a Mentor Change Form and send it electronically for all parties (mentee, current mentor, broker) to confirm and complete.

 Should a mentee feel their assigned mentor is not fulfilling their role and responsibility as a Certified Mentor, is unresponsive to the mentee, or is operating with unethical practices, the mentee is encouraged to contact the Mentor Program immediately. There will be an evaluation of the concerns brought forward and the appropriate steps will be taken to address the concerns. Escalation paths may involve the state brokers. The state team always reserves the right to terminate the pairing should they deem it necessary. If the mentor leaves eXp Realty the mentee will automatically be queued for a reassignment to a new mentor. Please note that this will not occur until the mentor has officially off-boarded from eXp. If you are made aware the mentor is in the process of offboarding in advance but is still active with eXp, please email so that the reassignment can be initiated.

Please note that if the originally assigned mentor has met and/or held virtual training sessions with the mentee, with time and resources being expended on part of the mentor prior to the mentor change request being made, the Mentor Program reserves the right to collect the 20% fee, most especially if there is a transaction under contract for the mentee. If there are reasons the mentor should not be paid, please list those reasons on the form.

All Mentor Change Form requests will be reviewed and the outcome will be decided on a case-by- case basis. The Mentor Program and/or broker reserves the right to deny any mentor change deemed unwarranted.  If a mentee leaves the Program to join a team or off-boards the Mentor Program for any reason, the mentor will not be compensated unless there are pending transactions (that the mentor assisted with) at the time of off- boarding or joining the team. In cases where there are pending transactions that are under contract that the mentor assisted with at the time the mentee off-boards or joins a team, the mentee will pay the full 20% fee.

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