A Guide to eXp Mobile

A Guide to eXp Mobile


What is eXp World Intercom? What are the benefits to agents? As an eXp agent, you are inherently mobile, but you’ll still want to be connected to eXp World from any location. eXp World Intercom gives agents the convenience and flexibility to audibly join meeting rooms from anywhere, on the mobile device of their choice! This app is perfect for helping on-the-go agents participate in training and events, along with company and team meetings from nearly anywhere. 

1. Download the App (eXp World Mobile is available for IOS and Android devices.)

  •  On your mobile device, go to Google Play or Apple AppStore 

  •  Search for "eXp World Intercom" 

  •  Download the app


2. Signing in to eXp World Intercom when you start the app: 

  • Use your passport sign in credentials, same ones you use to login to eXp World. Alias email + Password combination.

3. Using the App

  • Tap on the room you wish to join by clicking the room icon 

  • If there is a hamburger icon in the top right side of the room this means it has rooms within the selected room. 

  • When you have selected the room you want and pressed on it, you will see a room list appear showing who is inside the room and a green button to join the room.

  • After you join the room you will be able to listen to the users talking and participate by holding the “Hold to talk” button.

  • When you are done and want to leave the room you can press the quit button in the bottom left corner or force close your application.

Please keep in mind that not all rooms or voice channels in certain team suites, buildings, and meeting rooms will be available.  Things like beach side tables, benches, and even computer stations that have voice channels are currently not available in app.

4. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which rooms can I access?

You have access to the most commonly visited meeting rooms, including the eXp World Auditorium and Productivity Center.

Q: Why can’t I access tech support and common areas?

eXp World Mobile allows agents to audibly participate in meetings and trainings in eXp World from their mobile device. At this time, it is not designed to provide a full eXp World experience, including access to presentation boards, your avatar, eXp World chat, and various departments such as the Tech Outpost.

Q: Do I have an avatar?

When using eXp World Mobile, your avatar does not show up to participants in the PC or Mac version of eXp World, but attendees can hear your voice and your name will appear in the participant list.

Q: Can I see who else is in the room?

Yes. When you tap on the room you wish to join, you will be able to see the names of users in the room. When in a room, you can view and sort the attendee list by tapping Sort by Name/Activity”

Q: Can I see the chat window/can I chat?

No. Chat functionality is not available.

Q: What if everyone joined on mobile. Will it scale?

Yes. The mobile app is based on the same back-end system as the full-featured eXp World.

Q: What’s next?

eXp World Mobile is one of many technology solutions we are working on based on agent feedback, and we will continue to enhance it with the agent experience in mind.

Still have questions about eXp World Mobile?

For assistance, email support@exprealty.com.

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